Barry Alexander Brown has worked in documentaries and feature films for nearly thirty years. He was nominated for an Oscar for his first feature length documentary THE WAR AT HOME. He has produced and directed a host of other documentaries including AMAZING JOURNEY for Miramax, THE HISTORY OF R0CK AND ROLL for Time Warner Television and HIGHWIRE, a short film on the amazing tightrope walker Phillipe Petit.

Barry started a long working relationship with the directors Spike Lee and Mira Nair when all three were young struggling filmmakers in the early eighties. For Spike he cut one scene in SHE’S GOTTA HAVE IT and Mira asked him to edit her first documentary INDIA CABARET. The two experiences set him on the path to a career in editing. Since, he’s cut many of Spike’s features including DO THE RIGHT THING, MALCOLM X, HE GOT GAME, SUMMER OF SAM, 25TH HOUR and INSIDE MAN. For Mira he edited her Oscar nominated first feature SALAAM BOMBAY.