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5 Best Practices for Choosing Field Service Management Software

09 Oct 17
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There are many reasons as to why many business organizations initiate a process of reviewing, purchasing and implementing field service management software. With all this, the business can increase the chances of the success of the whole system and meet all customer needs.

The following are some of the best five practices for choosing a field service software system.

1. Understand your business case

For any field service system to yield a difference in business, it requires an enormous investment of time and money. Thus, at first, you ought to understand, document and communicate the business case system you expect. You should communicate all your expectations to the vendor. Most field service system merchants will always ask the business case, to understand the objectives in detail.

By outlining your objectives to the vendors, it will help the merchants to demonstrate their system well and even show you how the system can help you achieve the goals. At this stage, you ought to identify the business process that needs improvement, come up with means of measuring success for each process and also ask the vendors to assist you in calculating your returns from the investment.

2. Make comparisons

You may be overwhelmed by the many choices available which are almost same. Therefore; you need to take your time and ask questions on the operation of each system. By doing this, you will be in a position to identify the differences and discover some weaknesses of some systems.

Make a list of software features you need. On the list, you should outline all features you need. Finally, ensure the vendor you pick should address all the listed requirements.

3. Engage all field technicians

Note, the service technicians are not only those that do repairs and maintenance but also those that interact with the customers. Thus involve all technicians when buying field management software. By doing this, it will reduce the chances of field resistance to the new system and also discover new ideas from them.

4. Check the customer support

Whenever an issue arises, you will always have some customers who can try fix the problems on themselves, and others who will need your assistance. In either case, you should ensure the service management system support is accessible at all times.

Are the software experts available at all times? What mechanism will the experts use to respond to an issue? Do they charge for the support offered? Ask the type of support services each vendor offers, also find out the experience level and what will happen in case of there is a software problem.

5. Check references

Software reference calling is critical. You should not just pick a new vendor whom you aren’t aware of his/her reputation. You may consider asking different companies that use the system daily on the best vendors. Ask a wide variety of question on the stability to customer support and system usability from the reference calls.

By ensuring all the listed practices above are met, you can be sure of having success in your entire operation and also have a proper implementation of the field management software in your organization.

5 Essential Tips for Selecting Field Service Management Software

05 Oct 17
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In field service management industry, it is critical to embrace technology to remain competitive and relevant. Thus, choosing the best field service software to help you in optimizing operations and delivering quality services to clients is essential. The following tips are important in helping you choose the best software that is reliable and very efficient in field service management.

1. Identify the functionality you require in your business

Before buying any field service management software, you should know its functionality. Through the identification of the challenges your business is facing in operations, it is possible to identify what solution you require in a field service management software to improve the company operations. Graphical resource planning, equipment registers, and many others are the key functions you should pay attention to. This ensures you select software that will address specific needs and flexible enough to adapt to the changing business needs.

2. Mobile access is a must

Choosing software that data access is straightforward and can update data in real time is very critical. This means the software can be able to work from a mobile device with ease. A field service management team is always on the move, and they require software where users can easily access inventory management and other vital tools in field service management. This ensures that proof of work can be captured and real-time data makes sure staffs are monitored and managed effectively. On top of that, the company can maintain a high level of service delivery.

3. Deployment model is very critical

Field service managers should consider a deployment model that is convenient, simple and less costly. There are several deployment models like On-premise, SaaS-based and hosted. Thus, selecting the one that works best for your business as it grows is very important. SaaS-based models are very convenient and ensure smooth flow of work in your business. Selecting field service management software that is cloud-based will bring significant change in operations of your business.

4. Get software that is secure

After understanding how data flows in your business, it is vital to secure sensitive data to avoid security issues. With mobile devices access, the software should secure access to important data by providing role-based permissions to some functions and specific data. Therefore, select field service management software which is secure and has high-level access for specific people in the business is paramount.

5. Get software that is compatible with other systems

Field service operations use many other different apps like CRM and ERP. Therefore, selecting field service management software that can communicate with other systems is very important. This ensures smooth flow of work and efficiency in the business.

Field service management is highly developing and moving with technology is important. With the above tips, it is evident that one can make a sound decision is selecting the best Field service software that will simplify operations in field service management. Use the tips, and you will not be disappointed.